What does plant-based mean?

Plant-based refers to treatment that comes naturally from plants.

Am I eligible for plant-based medicine?

Plant-based medicine can only be accessed through pathways available for unapproved medicines. Patients who meet specific eligibility criteria can access plant medicines through authorised prescribing doctors in Australia. Plant-based medicines are not registered medicines in Australia.

The prescribing doctor needs to justify to the government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) why the person needs plant-based medicine. TGA approval is dependent on each patient’s unique set of circumstances, subject to various eligibility criteria through the Department of Health’s TGA approval framework.

Am I guaranteed a prescription from my consult?

Your doctor will assess your condition.

If they conclude that plant-based medicine is appropriate, they will apply to the TGA on your behalf.

It is then up to the TGA to approve your application. If approved, your doctor will then write you a prescription and help you access the treatment.

Please speak to your doctor for personalised advice.

Is the product I receive quality controlled?

Plant-based medicine is heavily regulated, ensuring a high quality of raw ingredients, procedures and finished products. The Therapeutic Goods Order (TGO 93) is just one of various standards that apply to plant-based medicine products. All medicines that are not produced in a GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practice – guidelines for manufacturing, testing, and quality assurance of products) certified laboratory are subject to ongoing stability studies. For medicines to meet GMP standards, stability test methods require validation and documentation that meet the requirements of the PIC/S Guide to GMP.

Who are the healthcare practitioners on the platform?

Access connects you with 100% vetted independent, qualified Australian doctors who are experts in prescribing plant-based medicine. You will speak with them directly during your video consultation.